World-renowned as one of the best bird sanctuaries, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is known as the “Ornithologists’ Paradise”. Now known as the Keoladeo Ghana National park, the bird sanctuary is spread over an area of 29 sq. km. Out of the total area, 10 sq. km. is covered with fresh water marshes and bogs that attract thousands of indigenous and migratory birds.

The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary became a National Park on 10th March 1982 and was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1985. It is the only man-made wildlife sanctuary in India which was developed by a former Maharaja of Bharatpur. The park provides shelter to over 370 species of birds which include the world-famous Siberian Crane and other beautiful birds such as the Pelicans, Egrets, Darters, Grey Herons, Hawks, Pipits, Stork, Wagtails, Warblers, Buntings, Flycatchers, Stints, and many others.

The fact that so many different types of birds reside at this park does justice to the title “Ornithologists’ Paradise” which has been given to the park. Bird and Nature Lovers from all around the world come to this park, preferably during October – February. Out of the many birds that attract visitors’ attention, the Siberian Crane is the most attractive one. It travels about 6,500 kms from the Siberian regions to spend the winters at the sanctuary. Other than the flapping beauties, one can also find several types of animals like the Chinkara, Nilgai, Mongoose, Wild Boar, among many others.

The National Park also has a beautiful artificial lake which is best for boat riding and spotting birds. Another great way to spot birds at the park is by hiring a rickshaw. The rickshaw pullers are well-trained by the authorities at the park so that you have a rewarding experience on your bird-spotting ride.

Other than the park, Bharatpur also has several other tourist spots such as the Lohagarh Fort, Deeg Palace, Ganga Temple, Bharatpur Government Museum, and several others. One simply does not have to worry about accommodation in Bharatpur as their are several budget-friendly hotel in Bharatpur that do not compromise with the luxury and comfort.